Hemofarm sets a triple record in 2019
05. December 2019.
Hemofarm, the regional leader in the pharmaceutical industry, ends the year 2019 with maximum output: the company set a new record in production volume, boosted by a record-breaking number of products made in its plants and top sales, it was highlighted at a cocktail party hosted by Hemofarm for friends, partners, and co-workers.

By setting a new production record of 5.7 billion tablets, Hemofarm has continued achieving even better results year after year. Some production plants, such as Hemofarm Banja Luka and Hemomont in Podgorica, as well as the Packaging Centre in Vršac, have even achieved individually the highest output ever in their history. When it comes to Hemofarm's product portfolio, at the end of this year it will contain 3,150 different products made in the company's facilities.

According to the CEO of Hemofarm, Dr. Ronald Seeliger, these results make 2019 one of the most successful years in the recent history of the company, when it set a triple record (in production volume - product portfolio - sales).

‘We can and should be proud of everything we have achieved this year. Especially as we are celebrating a special anniversary next year - our 60th birthday. However, Hemofarm's business is not only about results, but also about the care for health of people in Serbia and around the world, on as many as three continents where our medicines are sold. For decades, Hemofarm has proven that it cares about the society and community in which it operates. That is why our business results are good, because everything we do - we do because we care and because we have a vision. That vision is health for all of us’ said Dr. Seeliger.

In addition to the already confirmed role of Hemofarm in the field of sustainable development and responsible business operations, as well as numerous campaigns in the field of healthcare and care for the overall society led by the Hemofarm Foundation, the company donated medical equipment and medicines worth 20 million dinars to healthcare institutions in Serbia in 2019 alone.

Hemofarm sets a triple record in 2019