Hemofarm Foundation celebrated 20 years of work
27. March 2013.
Since its establishment until today, Hemofarm Foundation organized and conducted more than 1,300 campaigns through which it donated around EUR 9 million. By keeping up with and by identifying problems in the society, Hemofarm Foundation is trying to make the lives of all the members of the community more beautiful and of better quality, through support to those who need it the most.

Aside from humanitarian activities and help for the most vulnerable layers of the society, Hemofarm Foundation’s primary sectors of activities are contribution to the environment, improvement of health sector, culture, education and youth development.

Establisher of Hemofarm Foundation was Hemofarm Company, which is doing business under the umbrella of STADA Group since 2006. Hemofarm’s strategic orientation is corporate social responsibility, improvement of environment and improvement of lives of the citizens of Serbia, as well as concern for our employees.

Precisely the international knowledge and experience that Hemofarm and STADA are applying by giving great importance to CSR operations, are contributing that the best European and global practice is applied in Serbia as well.

After twenty years of successful work, we are closing one and opening a new chapter in the work of our Foundation. We intend to be bigger and even better, to expand our activities to the territory of the entire Serbia, and of the region, and to have strong strategic partners by our side. This year, Belgrade will be the headquarters of Hemofarm Foundation. This doesn’t mean that our programs of support to the Vršac region and to the local community will be diminished or stopped, but that they will be significantly expanded, in accordance to the needs of the society’, stated Snežana Radočaj, Director of Hemofarm Foundation.

At the ceremony for marking the 2 decades of Hemofarm Foundation, two most important strategic partnerships for this year were presented as well – cooperation with Belgrade Philharmonic and UNICEF.

Hemofarm Foundation is a foundation that continuously and truly contributes to community development, and we would like for it to be next to recognizable European trends. The aims we have set for ourselves are ambitious, but we believe in them and we will invest our good will, knowledge, enthusiasm and resources to achieve them. The desire to always to the right thing and act appropriately fills us with safety and pride. That is the essence of our business strategy and the precondition for long-term sustainability of successful operations. The year ahead of us will be full of new projects and through new investments in strategic partnerships, we would like to expand our investments and improve quality of life of all the citizens by paying attention to needs of the society’, said Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm.

UNICEF representative in Serbia, Judith Reichenberg and the Head of Belgrade Philharmonic, Ivan Tasovac, thanked the Hemofarm Foundation for its support, stressing that strategic partnerships will help the further development of the most successful cultural institution in Serbia and that it will enable the implementation of a national campaign that aims to reduce violence over children in family environment.