Hemofarm Supports the National Campaign ’You are not Alone’
16. October 2018.
Hemofarm is one of the three companies that supported the project ’You are not Alone’ presented in the House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. The aim of this project is to overcome prejudices that people have about young persons with mental problems and disabilities.

’There are thousands of medicines in our portfolio for treatment of different diseases, but unfortunately the contemporary medicine has not yet discovered the cure for every illness. One of the more important ’cures’ that mankind should discover is the one that will break down the prejudices about the people suffering from illnesses that exist in our society’, said the CEO, Ronald Seeliger at the start of the campaign ’You are not Alone’ dedicated to the mental health of primarily young people.

Seeliger also emphasized that social stigma related to people with illnesses affects seriously the well-being of patients and that it was a high time we broke down the prejudices created about the people with mental problems and disabilities by generations before us.

’Hemofarm as the pharmaceutical leader is very active in raising awareness in the society about the importance of disease prevention, and by supporting this campaign, we want to influence the better treatment of people with mental problems. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand, sometimes a donation and again sometimes financial help. All social factors like state institutions, business community and civil society should join their efforts and support the people with mental disorders. We have to speak openly about the reality they face, to educate the community and eliminate the social stigma related to any disease. Only then will we be a mature society’, concluded the CEO of Hemofarm.

The chairlady of the National Assembly, Maja Gojković explained at the opening of the conference that in order to build up a more tolerant society, we need to develop the awareness that people who are different are not less worthy.

’We have to send them a message, through education system, media and all those communication channels that are familiar to them that mental health problems are integral part of human existence’, added the chairlady of the National Assembly.

The Minister without Portfolio in charge of Demography and Population Policy, Slavica Djukic Dejanović, participated also in presentation of the project who pointed out that it was not a shame to be weak and to seek support, nor was it a shame to seek professional help and support, because mental health problems were an integral part of human life.

’Social stigma, disapproval of the people with problems of the soul is our reality’, warned Đukić Dejanović and added that each citizen must know that such people can be useful members of the society within their potentials, if their problems are minimized thanks to regular therapy or psychological support of a professional.

The Minister pointed out that by 2030, thanks to the implementation of the goals of the UN Agenda 2030, no man, even one with special needs, should stay behind and be treated differently.

The project ’You are not alone’ is carried out under the auspices of the chairlady of the National Assembly, Unicef and Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs. After Belgrade, there will be forums in six other cities in Serbia.