World Health Day – STADA supports “Health for all”
05. April 2018.
Every year WHO proclaims a motto for World Health Day on April 7th. This year's subject is "Universal health coverage" (UHC). According to WHO, everyone should be able to use health services – regardless of place and time and without running into financial difficulties. No one should have to choose between health care and other basic needs.

As a pharmaceutical and health-care company, STADA not only has an obligation to ensure the safety and quality of its products but, with its generics portfolio, it has also assumed a responsibility for providing society with access to affordable medical care and prevention. The Company thus makes a critical contribution to society: it allows people to protect their most important asset, their health.

At the same time, the Company helps to alleviate the cost pressures that burden health-care systems: Due to the relatively low research and development costs attributable to generics and biosimilars, they generally represent a low-cost alternative to the significantly more expensive original products and STADA passes this cost benefit on to its consumers and the health-care systems.

More than 120 years after the founding of the Company, STADA contributes to efficient and affordable health care and preventative health care and, at the same time, helps to ease the burden on health-care systems.