Sochi Gold for Our Marina
28. February 2018.
Karate club ’Zadrugar’ from Lazarevo near Zrenjanin is only local in terms of geography, because its members are international heroes. Marina Radičević was five years old when she started training karate with her father in ’Zadrugar’, and this month, she brought a gold medal to her club from the European Karate Championship for cadets, juniors and competitors under 21 years of age.
Gold in Sochi in competition of girls under the age of 21 has, so far, been the greatest sports success of this young girl who is linking her present as well as future plans to karate and sports.

How did Marina and Hemofarm become a part of the same story? Hemofarm helped this 19-year old karateist to travel to the championship in Russia, and Magnetrans was the link which connected the young athlete and the company.
We spoke to Marina after she returned from the European Championship and when the emotions about it began to settle down a bit. She points out that the good atmosphere of mutual encouragement and cheering for one another in the national team is very important to her, and that it had a significant role in motivation before the competition.

• How does it feel to stand on a throne wearing a medal?

It feels truly wonderful. I have realized these days that it is really difficult to find the right words to describe what is happening inside you in the moments of achieving great personal and professional success. Simply, it is something that must be experienced. I felt very proud while I was standing on the pedestal and listening to our national anthem. But there is no time to rest on laurels. My plans are now directed toward the senior competitors and the upcoming European Championship in Novi Sad which is expecting me in May.

• What are the obstacles for young people training karate and other sports for which it is difficult to find sponsors?

When you are a young sportsperson, you face financial difficulties, because you need to bear all the expenses by yourself. Additionally, we all live hard nowadays; therefore, not many people understand us and our problems and wish to help. My peers from other countries are only focused on achieving the best possible results, but unfortunately, we here are forced to think about the finances and to organize going to the competitions.
Precisely because of that, when a big company such as Hemofarm provides help, it is enormously important for all of us in sports! To me personally, as well as to my club, the support from Hemofarm gave strength and lifted off a great burden of trying to find money to go to the competition.

• How did the cooperation with Hemofarm happen in the first place?

I didn’t have sufficient financial means to go to the competition, so I decided to ask Hemofarm for help, and I sent an e-mail to the company. In those situations, somehow you hope to receive a positive response, but I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised that the answer arrived at such short notice. I was happy and honoured when I realized that my request had been accepted and my main problem solved.

If your question is why I asked precisely Hemofarm for help and not some other company, the reason is quite obvious. My family and I have been using Magnetrans on a daily basis, so I got the idea to address your company. Magnetrans travelled to Sochi with me and it has been an important part of all preparations before facing the opponent.

• What does a day in a young athlete’s life look like?

Our work day is very strenuous and full of obligations. We have almost no free time. I get up early and go to morning workout, and after that I go to university where I also do a type of training in the form of practical classes, as I study at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education at the University in Novi Sad. I have theoretical classes in the afternoon followed by the evening workout. In between, I only manage to eat something and prepare for the next day. Essentially, karate and university fulfil my days. During the competing season, I have two workouts a day; however, I try to maintain the same schedule also when there are no competitions.

• Do you plan to stay in karate?

Yes, certainly! I plan to continue doing karate and keep training as before, and I also plan to stay in this sport after my professional career is over. When you devote yourself to a certain sport truly and for a long time, it permeates everything you do and creates you future path. I believe that university will help me on that path and give me additional professional encouragement.