Prime Minister of Serbia Hemofarm’s guest at the opening of the Quality building
30. November 2016.
On the occasion of STADA officially becoming the majority owner of Hemofarm, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and German Ambassador to Serbia Axel Dittman toured the Quality building.

Explaining the importance of this latest implemented investment and pointing to the investment climate in Serbia, CEO of Hemofarm Dr. Ronald Seeliger stated: 'I can speak in the name of German capital and that is a very rational viewpoint – if there is an opportunity for doing business, there will be investments. Since Hemofarm exports a great number of its products to other countries, I spoke to the Prime Minister and the representatives of the Government of Serbia about the importance of long-term sustainable business, which is in the interest of both companies like ours and the Government of Serbia. We at Hemofarm work hard to increase our efficiency and sustainability, and the best example of that dedication is our newest investment – the Quality building, which is synchronized with good manufacturer practice and the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry.'

The Quality building spans around seven thousand square meters. Owing to an investment of more than six million euro, it enables the best working conditions for 300 employees.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia noted that the employees made the greatest impression on him, and he underscored that they possessed great expertise and that they were investing a lot of effort into what they did: 'While I was touring the plant and talking with the workers, I saw people full of confidence, faith and hope for their own future everywhere... So thank you, respected friends from Hemofarm, but thanks to our Serbian workers as well, who had obviously invested a lot of energy into reaching German standards, work and business principles. I am very happy and proud for being able to say that it’s obvious that when it comes to good organization, we can somewhat catch up to Germany. I will conclude with your slogan, and before that, long live Hemofarm, long live Serbia, and all the best.'

By acquiring majority ownership over our company, STADA became the largest German investor in Serbia. Because of that, it is pleasant to hear the statement of the German Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia Axel Dittman who said that Hemofarm, as a Serbian company with German ownership, symbolized the relationship of Serbia and Germany in a business sense the best: 'If one looks at the success of Hemofarm, we will see that one of the most important aspects of that success is precisely the approach to sustainable development, because it’s a company which invests constantly.'