Hemofarm Awards the Best Architectural Project
14. October 2016.
The company Hemofarm has organized on the premises of its seat in Belgrade an exhibition of architectural works that have participated in the competition for reconstruction of its Business Centre.  The exhibition features almost all of the competition entries, including the winning entry as well. There are 14 entries in total.

‘The jury, in which the key role was played by the distinguished architectural experts, was of the opinion that all the works were rather creative and imaginative, and also followed the most significant and contemporary global trends of energy efficiency and ecological components of construction. We thought that efforts and work of dozens, mostly young architectural experts, deserved the attention of more people than just of the three-member jury. Therefore, we have decided to organize the exhibition at the very place which was the subject of the competition and needs to be reconstructed’, Ronald Seeliger, Chief Executive Officer of Hemofarm said.     

The seat of Hemofarm in Belgrade will get a modern and striking appearance thanks to the winning work of the team comprised of six young architects:  Zoran Dmitrović, Marija Bjelić, Nenad Blagojević, Katarina Potparević, Marija Radojlović and Zoran Damjanović.

Ronald Seeliger, the President of the jury, added that he was particularly pleased with the fact that the competition inspired many young professionals to express their knowledge and creativity.

‘When we were selecting the winner, we made sure that the project also reflected our business philosophy, based on sustainable development, that it complied with our idea of corporate culture and at the same time was acceptable from the standpoint of the environment of our business centre’, Seeliger concluded.

Zoran Dmitrović, a member of the winning team said that the project was a real challenge.

‘It is not often that a big company announces a competition for architectural solutions. Therefore, the initiative of Hemofarm to provide an opportunity to young architects was a significant motivation for us. Wining the competition and implementation of conceptual design are a great professional satisfaction for my team that will inspire us in our further work. At the same time, this competition was an opportunity to compete with our colleagues in a quality manner and offer the best solutions’, Zoran Dmitrović, an architect said.

The public architectural competition for reconstruction of the Business Centre of Hemofarm in Belgrade was announced during summer and entries were applied ‘under codes’.