Research and Development Division

  • Hemofarm’s Research and Development Division was founded in 1990 and presently has 90 employees whose activities are focused on the following:

  • development of new products for the entire STADA Group including EU countries as well as other markets in which STADA is present: Russia, CIS, Asia, MENA

  • new product transfer from development to production

  • registration of new products in the South - East Europe (SEE) markets

  • compandial activities

Over 250 products in various categories

More than 250 products from different categories – prescription drugs, OTC products, dietary supplements and cosmetic products have been developed and marketed over the course of the previous 25 years. Almost all pharmaceutical forms are present: all types of tablets – conventional, film-coated tablets, effervescent tablets, or orodispersibe tablets, capsules, syrups, ointments, creams, gels, sterile products – ampoules, lyophilized injections and infusions.

Proof of successful development

Thirty development projects, which include 67 new products in total, have been successfully implemented in the period since 2006 when Hemofarm became a member of STADA Group. Twenty three projects have been completely implemented in Hemofarm Research and Development while 7 projects have been the result of collaboration with colleagues from the same division in Germany. These products have been granted the confirmation of successful development through registration in 25 EU countries as well as 5 countries in our region. Fifty two new products have already been successfully launched, 43 of which are in the EU market and 9 products in the markets of South-East European countries. Ten additional new products are ready to be launched onto the market at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016.

In addition to new product transfer from development to production over the previous ten years, more than 150 products have been transferred from other sites to Hemofarm by application of the latest technological solutions and by observing all regulatory requirements.

The Regulatory Affairs Team of Hemofarm’s Research and Development Division provided around 1.500 Marketing Authorizations in 17 markets in the previous period. Additionally, there are between 120 – 150 new products in the process of registration at any moment in the markets in which Hemofarm is present.

Our characteristics

Well educated, creative and motivated associates, competent managers and project leaders, good collaboration with all divisions in the company as well as adequate organization of project activities all represent the key success factors of Hemofarm’s Research and Development Division.
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