Internal medicine ward of general hospital in Šabac ready for new patients
20. April 2012.
Internal Medicine Ward of General Hospital ‘Dr. Laza K. Lazarević’ has been reconstructed owing to the donation of the company Hemofarm, in the amount of RSD 13.8 million.

By this donation, the citizens of Šabac and Mačva District have obtained better quality conditions for prevention and treatment of the most serious and most common diseases in Serbia. Patients suffering from the most serious cardio-vascular diseases are also treated in this Ward. Coronary Care Unit, outpatient clinic, and patient rooms in this Ward have been reconstructed.

‘Better work conditions have been created in our institution owing to this donation. Both the first and the second floor of the Internal Medicine Ward have been renovated and the Coronary Care Unit has been completely reconstructed. Better conditions for both patients and employees have been made. Approximately 16,000 patients per year are hospitalized in our institution and this reconstruction will provide them with better recovery conditions, apart from professional medical help’, dr Zora Nikolić, Director of General Hospital ‘Dr Laza K. Lazarević’ said.

‘Project of reconstruction of the hospital Internal Medicine Ward is of particular importance for the citizens who will now be provided with adequate medical care in considerably better conditions. One of the business priorities of Hemofarm is to help local and wider community in accordance with our strategy implying socially responsible operation. Hemofarm has decided to participate in this project so that, apart benefiting from the existing good-quality healthcare, patients would have good conditions for recovery in their hospital’, Wolfram Heinisch, the Managing Director of Hemofarm pointed out.

Internal Medicine Ward has the highest patient frequency rate, and thus more than 63,000 examinations were carried out only during the last year. Number of examined patients proves the importance of the General Hospital and the specific Ward for the citizens of Šabac, due to which it was necessary to provide better work conditions and improve life quality of the citizens who visit this institution.

Newly created work conditions in the Internal Medicine Ward in the General Hospital in Šabac represent another step forward towards meeting the European and global standards in view of providing healthcare in Serbia. Reconstruction of a part of the General Hospital represents continuation of the support that Hemofarm has been providing to public institutions with the aim of improving work conditions within prevention and improvement of citizens’ health.