Hemofarm Opened New Ampoule Production Plant
31. May 2015.
Hemofarm, the Serbian and regional pharmaceutical leader, celebrated 55 years of successful operation by opening the new plant for production of ampoules amounting to EUR 4.37 million. 50 people will work in the new plant in Vršac.

The overall production process, from solution preparation, filling of ampoules to packaging will be performed on the surface area covering 600 m2. The expected production volume has amounted to 25 million ampoules this year, and the plan for next year is 60 million. Products will be exported to Russia, EU, Iraq, Libya, Western Balkans countries, but it is primarily produced for Serbia.

What you have seen today is the result of dedicated work of our employees who worked on the preparation of the new part of production with a lot of zeal and zest. STADA has invested more than EUR 150 million in Hemofarm since 2006, and we plan to invest additional EUR 22 million this year. This day is, inter alia, one of the examples of partnership between the state and economy. It is important to say that the state and economy are natural allies in a way and their aim is practically the same – welfare of the society. We believe in the vision of the Serbian government, we have a clear strategy, but we believe that it is reached by small steps’, Ronald Seeliger, Chief Executive Manager of Hemofarm said during the visit of the plant.

On the occasion of the anniversary of Hemofarm, the new ampoule plant was visited by the Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić accompanied by the German Ambassador to Serbia, Heinz Wilhelm. The delegation also included the Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar, Minister of Economy Željko Sertić and Chairman of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Čadež.

I am proud of the fact that the open plant in Hemofarm is the result of work of the Serbian engineers, and especially of the fact that the German company will invest EUR 22 million this year. Asking the representatives of the German company what the state can additionally do to provide them better operation, I got the answer that the Government of Serbia should do whatever it can to preserve stability in the country and the region and to continue adopting regulations which will provide better business environment. I am proud of that because there is so much we do not know, and when we do not know something we ask the Germans how to do that and we do it that way. It is how we shall do also in the future’, Aleksandar Vučić pointed out.

The overall production process, from solution preparation, ampoule filling to packaging of the final product will be performed in the new Hemofarm plant covering the surface area of 600 m2.