Hemofarm’s Cyclists Arrived in Vršac from Germany after Two Weeks of Cycling
31. July 2016.
Six employees of Hemofarm returned from their journey to Germany, where they travelled on bicycles to pass the message about the significance of organ donation and transplantation and the PROLONG LIFE campaign conducted by Hemofarm Foundation and the Ministry of Health.

Along the road of 1.400 kilometres, Goran, Marinel, Saša, Vesna, Vladimir, Danijela, donor card holders, strived to promote good reputation of Serbia and spread the message about increasing the significance of organ donation and transplantation.

‘Before we ventured on this journey, I had no idea of the number of people who ride bicycles and the number of them who embark on such adventures during the summer. Most people go on journeys for private reasons such as recreation, adventure, testing of mind and body. We were the only team with a humanitarian motive to promote the PROLONG LIFE campaign. Thus, we did not lack the will and motivation at any section of the route’, team member Saša Maričić said.

Hemofarm strongly supported the initiative of its employees, who have been recreational sportsmen for many years and multiple winners of the Belgrade Marathon, to set forth on this journey.

’We are proud that you spread the message of life on the roads of four countries and we are certain that this message made a great impression on all the people you met. Thank you for being the heralds of humaneness and our best ambassadors at the European cyclist route’, Milan Smoljanović, Director of the General Affairs Division of Hemofarm, said at the welcome reception outside the company headquarters.

Suzana Đorđević, Director of Hemofarm Foundation, noted that this was the continuation of the campaign PROLONG LIFE – THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL OF YOUR LIFE, and that the activities within the campaign to raise awareness of the society will be further intensified in the autumn.

Additional symbolism of this venture is that the route of the cyclist caravan connected two towns important to all employees – the headquarters of STADA and of Hemofarm, in the year in which Hemofarm marks a decade of successful operation within STADA Group.