Hemofarm also Officially Becomes a Company with the Highest Rating in the Area of Sustainable Development in Serbia
18. September 2015.
Care about Common Future is Responsibility of All of Us

Hemofarm is one of the two companies in Serbia which, after the strict audit of an independent auditor, scored the highest A+ level for application of sustainable development in operations. It means that with the record-breaking production, Hemofarm managed to meet also the responsibility to the society and local community, making environmental and resource protection, as well as observing human rights and the rights of employees an integral part of all of its business segments. The results of applying such an approach to operations are a part of the annual Sustainable Development Report, which makes Hemofarm one of the few. Namely, as many as five companies in Serbia publish this report verified by the independent auditing company. This year, Mr. Ronald Seeliger, Chief Executive Officer of Hemofarm, had the honour to announce the excellent grade for Hemofarm to the Belgrade media editors.

Sustainable development cannot be reduced only to savings in energy and care about the environment. It is really a way of thinking and lifestyle. Many people are led by the thought that the environment is everyone's and anyone’s and they not only fail to contribute to the environment but also make it worse by their irresponsible approach. Hemofarm has plants throughout the region and thereby also has a part of the care about the local communities in which it operates. Our goal on the track of care about the common future is to intensify the dialogue and exchange opinions on this topic in the upcoming period so that we could leave a better environment for the generations to come’, Ronald Seeliger said in the discussions with journalists during the presentation of Sustainable Development Report for 2014.

Sustainable Development Report for 2014 outlines that Hemofarm had greatest achievements with regard to ecology and cost-effectiveness of operations. The record of 202 million packages was reached and the headcount increased compared to 2013, while recycled cardboard was used for more than 80 percent of secondary packagings of medicinal products. Through the ‘Wholeheartedly’ campaign and with the help of its Foundation, Hemofarm donated RSD 62 million to development of healthcare, education, culture and support to the most vulnerable population in the course of the previous year. Hemofarm is also a solidary member of the social community, which had already been demonstrated in the past, and it does not give up on such a relationship also in the future.

The fact that Hemofarm is a good employer, partner and neighbour was confirmed in the course of 2014 precisely by those who are in the focus of healthcare. Hemofarm is the winner of Virtus award for philanthropy at the national level, winner of the occupational health award by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy and the Top Serbian Brands award for the best corporate brand in the area of pharmacy. The relation of a good host in business was demonstrated also by obtaining the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate for preferential ‘in-house customs clearance’ status and thus it justified the trust of the highest state institutions in view of export stability and quality of medicinal products which are distributed to 38 countries on 3 continents.