Hemofarm – Example of Successful German Investment
28. February 2017.
The Minister-President of the German Federal State of Hesse, Volker Bouffier visited the headquarters of the company Hemofarm in Vršac with his associates, during the state visit to the Republic of Serbia. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador to Serbia, was also in the delegation during the visit to Hemofarm.

Hemofarm has been a member of German STADA Group with the seat in Bad Vilbel in the state of Hesse for more than 10 years. Accompanied by the senior management of Hemofarm, Volker Bouffier took a tour of the Quality building, an investment worth over EUR 6 million, which was opened by the Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić last year.

The Chief Executive Officer of Hemofarm and Vice President of STADA Group for South East Europe Ronald Seeliger acquainted Minister-President Bouffier with the business operations of the company which is the biggest German investment in Serbia.

‘All of us in Hemofarm are proud that of all the companies with German capital operating in Serbia, Minister-President Bouffier has decided to visit our company. STADA has recently celebrated a decade of presence and successful operation in Serbia, a decade of acquisitions and successful investments worth over EUR 200 million. Continuous investments are focused on ongoing development, expansion of capacities, improvement of product quality, innovations and particularly on workforce, including currently about 3,000 hard-working, quality, and educated employees of Hemofarm. During 2016, Hemofarm made large investments in the development of operations, portfolio and company, thereby strengthening the leading position both in Serbia and in the region’, Ronald Seeliger said.

Ronald Seeliger emphasized that, in his capacity as the President of the Management Board of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, he would continue advocating the permanent improvement of good cooperation between Serbian and German businessmen.

The Minister-President of the German Federal State of Hesse, Volker Bouffier has said during today’s visit that he is satisfied with what he has seen in Hemofarm.

‘Hemofarm is a modern company with high standards that can match any company in Germany. This proves that you can do business successfully in Serbia, and nothing is more convincing than a good example that we have seen here‘, Bouffier said.