NEW from Hemofarm – Marissimo Line of Nasal and Throat Sprays
10. February 2017.
New product line in Hemofarm portfolio, Marissimo, has recently available in the Serbian market! It is a unique and innovative range of nasal and throat sprays. The name of the range is indicative of the products natural and marine origin.

Marrisimo line comprises 9 productsisotonic and hypertonic seawater solutions intended for flushing out, regular hygiene and moisturising the nasal and throat mucous membrane, in common cold, nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and laryngitis conditions.

The unique form of a specially adjusted spray to the needs of newborns, composition of preservative-free sprays, proven sterility of content even on the occasion of multiple administration, longer shelf-life also after product opening, cost-effective and practical pack to go, recyclable bottles, range suitable for the entire family, and other numerous advantages of the Marissimo product line, are just some of the advantages of this line.